As a triennial festival of contemporary arts and performance from across the Asia Pacific, each Asia TOPA is the culmination of three years of creative collaborations between makers, producers, presenters and the communities in which we live and work.

Between festivals, Asia TOPA hosts a series of creative LABs – seeding and developing new works, inviting international artists from the Asia Pacific region to explore potential collaborations with artists from Australia.

In March 2020, as the festival ended and the pandemic’s disruption hit, we immediately began exploring how online collaborations could keep artists in work and creatively connected.

We invite you to explore the artists and creative outcomes for the 2020-2022 Asia TOPA Virtual LABs.

Featured LABs:

On the left of the image, motion performer Harrison Hall leans over to look at something in the distance. He's wearing motion technology that allows the virtual DOKU to mimick the action over on the right. DOKU is wearing a technological body suit and towers over skyscrapers.

DOKU: Live Alone Die Alone – The Karma Circle

Betty Error sits on the ground wearing a black crop top, shorts and sneakers. She's holding a selfie stick and performing for the camera. There's a green screen behind her.

Betty Error Trip

Three Yolngu elders and two children gather on the beach. They're wearing traditional tribal attire in rich, warm colours and white tribal paint.

The Voyage of Bayini