Arts Centre Melbourne and Asia TOPA Virtual LAB

Matthias Schack-Arnott (Melbourne) | Garin Nugroho (Jakarta) | Monica Lim (Melbourne) | Rianto (Solo)

Australia / Indonesia

The four artists in this project came together to explore the centuries old tradition of Bedhaya, a Javanese ritual dance, during the height of Covid-19. The Javanese Bedhaya dance form is a rich intersection of ideas and cultural practices. The ritual is a meeting point for spiritual symbolism, politics of the body, veiled military sequences and the supernatural. Through a series of online creative exchanges, the artists have begun imagining a new interdisciplinary work that brings the structure of the Bedhaya form into a highly charged aesthetic space that combines experimental sound, feminist imagery and intricate choreographic form.


Lead Artist, Direction, Video, Concept
Garin Nugroho

Lead artist, Composition, Concept
Matthias Schack-Arnott

Musical Collaborator, Concept
Monica Lim

Collaborative artist

Vocals (traditional melody)
Solo Dancer
Ibu Rusini

Dorothea Queen

Group Dancers
Quin, Cikal, Diah Onyon

Michaela Coventry - Sage Arts

Supported By
  • Playking Foundation