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Epoch Wars: World-building Workshop

Pony Express & Performing Lines
Ian Sinclair (Sydney) | Loren Kronemyer (Hobart) | Natasha Tontey (Jakarta) | Huang Ding Yun (Taipei) | Zheng Bo (Hong Kong) | Geumhyung Jeong (Seoul)


Epoch Wars is an immersive, participatory live artwork camouflaged as a symposium, where Pony Express challenge the naming of the ‘anthropocene’ to explore who is really responsible for the state of our planet.

For this project, Pony Express (Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair) brought together a LAB of artists including Zheng Bo, Natasha Tontey, Huang Ding Yun and Geumhyung Jeong. Together, they had a series of conversations asking how should we decide what to name the epoch of Earth’s geological history that we are all going to die in?

As part of the LAB, Pony Express reversed the usual workshop process.

Rather than the participants undertaking the artistic labour; The Facilitators (Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair) delivered creative outcomes for the LAB participants, based on the conversations and ideas of each day. Pony Express created draft, quick-turn-around, video, audio, text and image responses, during the lockdown in their homes.

The two videos and images below are examples of these draft creative responses to the discussion of Australian Philosopher Glenn Albrecht’s proposal for The Symbiocene.

Against the Anthropocene, Girraween Flying Fox Colony x Glenn Albrecht, Pony Express, 2020

Performance for the Symbiocene, Glenn Albrecht, Pony Express, 2020

Mushroom Mycelium Choreography, Pony Express, Middleton, lutruwita / Tasmania, 2020

I recorded myself doing a choreography of inseminating these logs with mushroom mycelium as a creative response for the LAB participants. This is one way to farm mushrooms I am experimenting with; the Mycelium feeds off the logs and then produces lots of mushrooms for harvest. I showed off the Mycelium dowels recorded the process of drilling them into the logs and covering them with beeswax to protect them.

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