Arts Centre Melbourne and Asia TOPA Virtual LAB
Lovely People

Griffin Theatre Company
Shahmen Suku (Singapore/Sydney) | Declan Greene (Sydney)

Singapore / Australia

Lovely People is an autobiographical solo performance piece, created and performed by Radha La Bia, the Diva from India (aka Shahmen Suku) in collaboration with Declan Greene. It uses a playful, chaotic drag-queen cooking demonstration as a framework to examine ideas of mortality, family lineage, and remembrance.

Over the period of their 2020 Asia TOPA Virtual LAB development, Shahmen and Declan worked remotely over the platforms Zoom, Google Docs, and MURAL - and recorded a number of videos of devising tasks. This video is a compilation of some of the raw material generated as part of this process.


Shahmen Suku
Declan Greene

Supported By
  • Griffin Theatre Company
  • Playking Foundation