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Lu Yang Delusional World Livestream

Presented in association with Exhibitionist
Lu Yang (Shanghai) | Mathew Spisbah (Melbourne)


The commission of Lu Yang’s new work – Lu Yang Delusional World, was a collaborative project between artist Lu Yang and creative producer Mat Spisbah. Very much an evolution of Lu Yang’s practice, Delusional World took the motion capture avatar techniques developed her previous work “Electromagnetic Brainology” and extended them into new environments avatars and technologies. Spisbah worked as a consultant on avatar and environment design, facilitated the building of avatars, and researched new areas of exploration in 3D environment textures and pathways.

The project involved a range of collaborators; 3D animators were hired to build the avatars Lu Yang had designed. A digital studio in HK Meta Objects rigged the avatars to the virtual environments and created a real time motion capture performance program specifically for the event. Melbourne digital arts collective Exhibitionist developed the virtual interactive aspects of the work, creating the landing page, chat functionality and livestreaming for the performance. A videographer was hired to pull camera shots and live mix the visuals for the livestream. Shanghai dancer, Qinran was engaged for rehearsals and performances.

Lu Yang’s Delusional World was a livestreamed performance from Chronus Art Centre Shanghai on Nov 11 2020. This new work premiered to an international audience of 500+ people across 15+ countries in 2021. See link to watch the performance.

Delusional World is commissioned by ACMI, Arts Centre Melbourne, Asia TOPA and Exhibitionist, in collaboration with curator Mathew Spisbah, Chronus Art Centre and Meta Objects.

Teom Chen x Mat Spisbah Virtual Performance Environment

Review: Lu Yang Destroys Self in Motion Capture Performance

Lu Yang: Delusional World

Warning: This performance contains content suitable for a Mature audience and is not recommended for children under the age of 15. It contains some adult and horror themes, strobe lighting and coarse language.

Recommended for ages 15 +

Cast & Credits

Lu Yang

Curator / Lead Producer
Mat Spisbah

Motion Capture Rigging
Meta Objects

Realtime Motion Capture Performance Program
Meta Objects

Avatar Design
Lu Yang

Hell Scene Background Artist
Extreme John

Delusional Scene Background Artist
Lu Yang
Qin Ran

Shanghai Producer
Ross Miles


DJ Mix
Extreme John

Livestreaming Solutions
Tech Sound

Livestream hosting, landing page and virtual interactivity

Supported By
  • Playking Foundation
  • ACMI
  • Exhibitionist