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DOKU: Live Alone Die Alone – The Karma Circle

Lu Yang (Shanghai) | Mathew Spisbah (Melbourne)


Lu Yang takes the exploration of digital augmentation into contemporary and historical realms for his latest motion capture performance - DOKU: Live Alone Die Alone – The Karma Circle.

Investigating themes of cybernetics and the digitisation of human identities - Lu Yang questions the relationship between our IRL and URL selves. In an online era where our minds are allowed to flow freely through networks, do our physical bodies still matter?

DOKU is the digital reincarnation of the artist Lu Yang. Based on the cycle of Karma in Buddhism, DOKU has six costumes which represent the six divisions of the wheel of Karma: Tenjin Road, Shura Road, Animal Road, Hungry Ghost Road, Hell Road, and Human World. The performance will take the audience through these Karmic cycles, as DOKU lives and dies in each virtual Buddhist environment.


Mathew Spisbah

Avatar rigging, motion capture performance
Meta Objects

Motion Capture Technician and AV Coordinator
Dr. Sam McGilp
Harrison Hall

Manny Dado, Harrison Hall

DJ Mix
Cloudy Ku

Producing Partners
  • Exhibitonist
  • Meta Objects

Presenting Partners
  • National Museum of Australia
  • ACMI

Funding Partners
  • Australian Government Office for the Arts
  • Playking Foundation