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The Voyage of Bayini

Miku Performing Arts (Banula Marika, Ngalkanbuy Mununggurr, Loretta Yunupingu and Rachael Wallis) (North East Arnhem Land, Yolgnu Country) | Sang Mei-Chuan (Paiwan tribe, Taiwan) | Labaga Taru (Truku tribe, Taiwan)


The Voyage of Bayini is a collaboration of two cultures, the Yolngu people of North East Arnhem Land and the Paiwan and Truku tribes of Taiwan.

We’re working together to share the stories of ancestors' journeys through music, song and dance including contemporary and ancient traditional styles.

Part 1. North East Arnhem Land

Part 2. Taiwan


Miku Performing Arts, Sang Mei Chuan and Labaga Taru
Kath Papas Productions, Artback NT & Dremedreman Curimudjuq

Part 1. North East Arnhem Land

Shoot locations
Yirrkala and Galaru, Yolngu Country, North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

Song Men
Banula Marika & Ngalkanbuy Munungurr

Ngalkanbuy Munungurr, Banula Marika, East Journey

Janet Munyarryun, Rachael Wallis, Ineke Wallis (and children Gupulul & Corey Marika), Ngalkanbuy Munungurr (and daughters Zyezye & Tilly Munungurr)
Video & sound
Aris Media

East Journey- Mokuy (‘Spirit’), Pt. 1, vocals
Ngalkanbuy Munungurr

Manikay, traditional song recordings
Moonfish Productions

Part 2. Taiwan

Shoot location
Hualien, Paiwan Country, Taiwan

Labaga Taru

Sang Mei-Chaun
Piya Talaliman & Ljavaus Chen

Rudaw Taru

The Voyage of Bayini was seeded through BlakLab 2020, an APAM, Arts Centre Melbourne and ILBIJERRI Theatre Company partnership. Its further development has been supported by Arts Centre Melbourne & the Australia Council for the Arts.

Producing Partners
  • Miku Performing Arts
  • Artback NT
  • Kath Papas Productions
  • Hui Jia Creatives
  • Rubaga Music Co
  • Australia Council for the Arts

Presenting Partners
  • National Museum of Australia

Funding Partners
  • Australian Government Office for the Arts
  • Playking Foundation