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Teom Chen x Mat Spisbah
Virtual Performance Environment

Teom Chen (Taipei) | Mat Spisbah (Melbourne)

This project involved the early stages of development for a new virtual performance environment. The underlying concept was to create a format for people to engage with artistic work digitally – one that turned the passive spectator into an active one and gave artists new tools to govern their audience’s perception of the work.

To realise some of these concepts, Teom Chen built a game design environment based on traditional Taiwanese opera on the back of a moving truck. The audience could walk behind the truck interact by cheering, booing, throwing different objects on stage or even getting on the stage themselves. Performers could pre-program a performance, but create spontaneous changes or effects, plus control the camera of the audience’s perception.

Very much the early stages of development, however we thought of many different iterations this model could be used in. It would work for: collaborations with dance artists, at Augment Reality overlay for a performance or installation, musical performances with hybrid audiences and a thousand other things.

Lu Yang Delusional World Livestream

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