COVID19 Update for Arts Centre Melbourne visitors
Pollen Revolution

Asia TOPA Update

Published on March 15
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The Seen and Unseen
Published on March 10

ArtsEquator at Asia TOPA

Japanese Dance Focus: Pollen Revolution
Published on February 5

Asia TOPA Update

Chefs featuring in the Boarding Pass to Asia TOPA video series
Published on February 4

Boarding Pass to Asia TOPA

À Ố Làng Phố
Published on January 22

Creating the world’s first bamboo circus

Ryoji Ikeda – datamatics ver. 2.0 and NONOTAK – Shiro
Published on January 22

SUBSONIC: The foundations and future of experimental and electronic music from across Asia

Published on January 20

Behind-the-scenes of the 2020 Program


Episode 1
Published on January 16

The full Asia TOPA 2020 program has been unveiled

Episode 4
Published on January 12

Asia TOPA highlights: Six you can’t miss