Dancehouse, Temperance Hall and the Keir Choreographic Award present

Good Luck


Takao Kawaguchi

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This event has passed
This event has passed

Choreographer and ex-Dumb Type member Takao Kawaguchi performs his much-acclaimed solo work Good Luck.

Slow, continuous movement unfolds as though it were a filmic scene played at one tenth of its original speed, but beneath this dance emerges a curious, compelling narrative. Accompanying the stretched out bodies, stories and emotions is a highly immersive and sensorial soundscape by David Vranken, featuring Tokyocentric field-recordings ranging from a shrine, subway stations, and game centres to streets, forests and a beach.

Part of the Dancehouse Japan Focus alongside Matou and Pollen Revolution.


  • Highly Visual
Images by: Bozzo
Dancehouse’s Japan Focus has been supported by Sidney Myer Fund and Arts Centre Melbourne.

Cast & Credits


Choreographer & Performer
Takao Kawaguchi
Sound Design
David Vranken