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Ruri Mito

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In Japanese, the word ‘matou’ encompasses several direct meanings: to wear, put on, tangle and roll up.

But used figuratively, ‘matou’ also describes the moment your life flashes before your eyes in a near-death experience. It sounds like ‘willing to wait’ in Japanese, while ‘tsuki-matou’ means ‘to haunt’. 

In Ruri Mito’s solo performance of the same name, she explores the body as a mysterious, haunted vessel, unable to be understood or seen in its entirety as cells continuously die and regenerate. By placing her own body under the microscope, Mito explores the curious invisible fabrics of the human body.

Part of the Dancehouse Japan Focus alongside Pollen Revolution and Good Luck.


  • Wheelchair access
  • Highly Visual
Hero image by: Bozzo
Gallery images by: ONE DANCE WEEK, Jingkai Kuang, Chrispian Chan, Yuya Yamazaki
Dancehouse’s Japan Focus has been supported by Sidney Myer Fund and Arts Centre Melbourne.
Supported By
  • The Saison Foundation

Cast & Credits


Choreographer & Performer
Ruri Mito
Akiyo Kushida
Tomoko Inamura