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Film Screening: The Seen and Unseen


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This event has passed

Pre-show introduction and post-show Q&A with film director Kamila Andini.

The Seen and Unseen (Sekala Niskala)

Director: Kamila Andini | 2017 | 83 Minutes | Ages 15+ | Language: Balinese and Indonesian, with English subtitle

When the deep bond between twin sister and brother Tantri and Tantra is shaken because of Tantra’s serious illness, Tantri’s attempt to stay close to her brother becomes a hauntingly beautiful and artistic experience. After Tantra is checked into the hospital, he is weak and sometimes unconscious. Devastated, Tantri immerses herself in nature and its mystical beings, looking for meanings in her cultural roots. Between dreams and imagination, she finds spiritual resolution to connect with Tantra and her own self. Winner of multiple international awards, including Best Youth Feature Film 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017. Writer-director Kamila Andini’s The Seen and Unseen is a profound exploration of sorrow, bonding and departure, told mostly in pure visual terms.